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Knowledge, Research, and Execution

We tend to take a very pragmatic approach to consulting. This means that everything we do for you is based on three important factors: our past experiences in the business, research and planning designed to meet your publication’s unique needs, and professional execution of those plans.

We scrutinize your publication’s promotional history and merge that information with our knowledge of what we know has worked well elsewhere. Nothing is left unexamined: past direct mail campaigns, copy and design platforms, list histories, your editorial product, your publication’s demographic targets. In short, we search diligently for anything that can have a bearing on the success of your publication.

Then, once we’ve crafted a plan to reach your goals, we use our contacts — developed over the last 20 years — to get you the most efficient vendors, the finest creative services, and the best prices possible.

The following is a list of the services we are equipped to provide:

  • Full-Blown Business Practices Assessments and Recommendations
  • Strategic Planning (Publication-Specific or Company-Wide)
  • Circulation Modeling
  • Direct Mail Strategy
  • Direct Mail Campaign Management
  • Direct Mail Analysis
  • RFPs for Vendor Selection
  • Business Plans for Launches and Re-Launches
  • Advertising Rate Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Support (Including Due Dilligence and Brokerage)

To discuss any of the above-mentioned services and how they would benefit your publication, email us or give us a call.
Greg Jones: 916.253.9941 or email
Mike Pickett: 916.765.8480 or email

We look forward to hearing from you soon.