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Very Bright, Super-Responsive, Unique in the Industry

“Granite Bay Media is where I go for a reality check. List purchases, acquisition strategies … no matter what I need, they’ve been a great source of guidance. It’s really good to have an industry expert who will get on the phone with you and make ‘big-picture’ sense without losing sight of the details. I use them to make sure there are no hidden pitfalls in any move we’re about to make … they’ve been very, very helpful.”

AT Castillo
VP Circulation Operations
American City Business Journals

“I use Granite Bay Media’s services for a couple of reasons: they listen carefully to what I need, and they are super-responsive. The work is always top-notch and everything is done in a very timely manner. They are very easy to work with … great follow-through.”

Wendy Frank
Consumer Marketing Director
Forbes Magazine

“Greg Jones really knows where the leverage points are in publishing. I’ve worked with him on several strategic projects, things like business plan development, modeling, ad sales, and just about everything else that relates to the health and success of a publication. He’s very strong when it comes to overall publishing economics … and he’s a master at using modeling tools.”

Michele Givens
President and CEO
Editorial Projects in Education

“Over the last year Sage converted more than 150 publications to a new fulfillment system. We literally could not have accomplished the fulfillment conversion and the setup of our new advertising department without the help of Mike Pickett. Mike, thanks so much on behalf of Sage and personally for your help. It’s been great having you work with us here at Sage.”

Blaise R. Simqu
President and Chief Executive Officer
Sage Publishing Company

“When I started at Science News as chief marketing officer, I needed to learn everything. Mike has been absolutely invaluable — both in getting me up to speed on the wide range of circulation issues I inherited, and in helping me stabilize and begin growing Science News readership. He’s the master of detail, takes tons of work off my plate and has helped with both strategy and tactics. It’s a genuine pleasure to work with him — our relationship with Mike and GBM has been of great benefit to me and to Science News.”

Kathlene Collins
Chief Marketing Officer
Society for Science and the Public
Publisher of Science News

“Greg Jones is a very bright guy, and he does wonderful work. He is particularly good at finding buyers for the subscriber lists of magazines that have been forced, for whatever reason, to discontinue publishing. This is an extremely valuable service and he is unique in his experience and expertise. He has put together so many of these deals that he knows the ins and outs better than anyone in the industry. He knows the audit implications, understands what needs to be negotiated, and has great contacts among the people who are actively buying and selling subscriber lists. He has a great reputation because he has always dealt effectively and honorably with everyone concerned.”

Stuart Jordan
Stuart R Jordan Consulting LLC

“Greg and I first worked together in 1997, reinitializing a Lighthouse Model. The foundation he helped me build was so strong that I was still using it five years later in 2002. When it was finally time to reload, I called Greg again. Here’s what really astounded me — on a file of about 400,000, the new model we built balanced to within 16 copies of the actual main label run! 16 copies! I would have been satisfied to come within a few thousand.”

Jason Pomerantz
VP of Strategy
Madavor Media